Game On for Kansas Schools issues endorsements for general election

Game On for Kansas Schools, the public education advocacy group founded by a group of Belinder Elementary parents, has issued its voting recommendations for the general election cycle.

Shawnee Mission area incumbents and candidates who received the group’s endorsement are:

  • District 14: Candidate Angela Schweller (Democrat)
  • District 16: Incumbent Cindy Holscher (Democrat)
  • District 17: Incumbent Tom Cox (Republican)
  • District 18: Incumbent Cindy Neighbor (Democrat)
  • District 19: Incumbent Stephanie Clayton (Republican)
  • District 20: Incumbent Jan Kessinger (Republican)
  • District 23: Incumbent Linda Gallagher (Republican)
  • District 25: Incumbent Melissa Rooker (Republican)
  • District 29: Incumbent Brett Parker (Democrat)
  • District 20: Candidate Brandon Woodard (Democrat)

The group explains its endorsement decisions as such:

Incumbents who have been strong supporters of public education while serving in office are on the “Varsity Squad.” Challengers we believe will be strong advocates for public education are on our roster of “Top Recruits” while incumbents who have failed to support public education are “Benched for academic ineligibility.”

No Shawnee Mission area incumbents were listed among those “Benched for Academic Ineligibility.”