Bed bugs lead to closure of Shawnee branch of Johnson County Library

The discovery of bed bugs at the Shawnee branch of the Johnson County Library led to its closure through at least midweek.

The discovery of bed bugs inside the Shawnee branch of the Johnson County Library at 13811 Johnson Dr. led to its indefinite closure Friday afternoon. Library officials say workers discovered what they believed was a bed bug in a book that was returned on Thursday.

The Shawnee branch will remain closed through at least Wednesday. Photo credit Johnson County Library.

A subsequent inspection of the facility using specially trained dogs revealed that bed begs had infested furniture in the building. The Shawnee branch was closed almost immediately thereafter. Library officials say they’re recommending that anyone who had materials from the Shawnee branch should seal them in a plastic bag.

In a message posted on Twitter Saturday morning, the library said they were “working to contain and eradicate this issue and are in the process of checking all of our locations and courier vans in case of cross contamination.” The system cleared the Central Resource Library Saturday morning ahead of the annual Library Lets Loose event held there that evening.

Library officials say that they will treat the facility to eradicate bed bugs inside the Shawnee branch, but that it will not reopen until at least Wednesday.