Our questions for the Kansas House of Representatives candidates

Protestors urged the legislature to pass a school funding fix outside the capitol in 2016.

A few weeks ago, we ask readers to submit suggestions for issues they’d like to hear the candidates running for office this fall address. Based on that input, we’ve put together five-item questionnaires for candidates in the several Shawnee Mission area races.

Today we’re releasing our questionnaire for the candidates running for the statehouse seats that cover different parts of the Shawnee Mission area.

Here are the questions we’re putting to them:

  • The legislature next session will yet again need to address a school funding formula that’s been deemed unconstitutional by the Kansas Supreme Court. What needs to happen to resolve the funding issue for the foreseeable future and keep the courts out of K-12 school finance?
  • Should the Kansas Secretary of State continue to have the right to appoint the Johnson County Election Commissioner? Would you support legislation returning full authority over the Johnson County Election Office to local control? What other changes would you propose for the Kansas election system?
  • What’s your view of the competitive advantage Kansas should be seeking to have over neighboring states: Should it be primarily known as a place with low taxes? As a place with great public schools? As an easy place to live? As a great place to run a business?
  • Who are you supporting in the race for Kansas governor? Why?
  • What’s the issue facing the state that you’re most passionate about, and what do you plan to do on that front if elected to office in this election?

We’ll be running candidates’ responses to one question a day for five days starting Monday, October 15.

The last day to register to vote in the fall elections is Tuesday, Oct. 16. Advance voting by mail begins Oct. 17 and advance in-person voting begins Oct. 22.