Our questions for the Kansas 3rd Congressional District candidates

SM West students held signs calling for changes to stop school shootings during their National Walkout Day demonstration in April.

A few weeks ago, we ask readers to submit suggestions for issues they’d like to hear the candidates running for office this fall address. Based on that input, we’ve put together five-item questionnaires for candidates in the several Shawnee Mission area races.

Today we’re releasing our questionnaire for the candidates seeking the Kansas 3rd Congressional District seat. Incumbent Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder, Democratic challenger Sharice Davids and Libertarian challenger Chris Clemmons will be on the general election ballot.

Here are the questions we’re putting to them:

  • What specific measures should Congress take to reduce gun violence in our communities? What needs to happen to see such steps become reality?
  • Should all Americans be guaranteed the right to have access to affordable health insurance? If so, how should that right be addressed? Should coverage be guaranteed for pre-existing conditions?
  • Are you comfortable with the current operation of the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency? If so, why? If not, what needs to change? Should the agency be abolished? What key points would you include in any immigration overhaul?
  • Are you satisfied with the level of oversight Congress has exercised during the Trump administration? If not, what issues do you believe need investigation or additional scrutiny?
  • Would you ever support cutting Medicare or Social Security benefits? Why or why not?

We’ll be running candidates’ responses to one question a day for five days starting Monday, October 15.

The last day to register to voter in the fall elections is Tuesday, Oct. 16. Advance voting by mail begins Oct. 17 and advance in-person voting begins Oct. 22.