Casey’s Auto Repair owners dedicate historic sign to Carl’s father, Ray Casey Sr.

Casey's Auto Repair sign
Casey’s Auto Repair just lit up its new sign on Johnson Drive. Carl Casey dedicated the historic sign to his father, Ray Casey Sr.

Carl and Cathy Casey have a “new” sign lit up at Casey’s Auto Repair On the Drive.

The sign, which was built for a Sinclair gas station more than 40 years ago, glows bright white and blue over the roof of the old gas pumps. Now, it serves as a dedication to Carl Casey’s father, Ray Casey Sr.

“The dedication is for the man that taught me everything I know about customer service, and he is my inspiration for making me want to do this as a career,” Casey said of his father.

Casey's Auto Repair
Carl Casey, right, dedicated the historic sign to his father, Ray Casey Sr., who is holding the sign light switch.

Carl Casey installed a plaque on either side of the sign to commemorate Ray Casey Sr. Family, friends, longtime customers and business partners with NAPA Auto Repair joined the Caseys for the lighting ceremony Thursday evening.

The sign was installed in the 1970s for a Sinclair gas station. Later on, Carl and Cathy Casey bought the building and sign from Sinclair and opened their second auto shop at 5710 Johnson Drive.

Because the sign was old, Mission city code required the Caseys to decommission it. However, city staff worked with the Caseys by creating new sign category in city code that allowed historic signs.

“I want to thank the city for helping us all along the way and making sure that it happened,” Carl Casey said. “We really appreciate it.”