SM North leaders looking to turn rose garden area into hub for socializing and learning

Members of SM North’s national champion NJROTC team lined up in the rose garden ahead of graduation in the spring.

SM North leaders are looking to turn a beautiful — but lightly trafficked – corner of their campus into a vibrant spot for socializing and learning.

First year SM North principal Jeremy Higgins in most recent edition of the school newsletter said the administration was looking for donations to help spruce up the rose garden area that sits in a courtyard on the school’s south side between the building and the athletic fields.

Students used to be able to eat lunch out in the courtyard, but it was closed off for that purpose a few years ago. This year, Higgins said, the administration and STUCO worked together to explore the option of opening it back up.

“We made the decision to open the rose garden up for lunch again, and so now we’re looking to add some improvements,” Higgins said.

One SM North student has volunteered to make some picnic tables for the area as part of his Eagle Scout project. Higgins said some of the leadership of individual SM North classes have also expressed interest in making class gifts to improve the area. And the administration is looking into the possibility of some fixtures for an “outdoor classroom” space in the courtyard similar to what was recently built at Sunflower Elementary.

“It’s a really nice outdoor space that hasn’t been utilized much recently, and there’s a lot of interest in making this a gathering space and making it look nice,” Higgins said.

Anyone who is interested in possibly contributing to efforts to make improvements to the rose garden can contact Higgins for details.