Kitchen flooring tips and trends by Karin Ross Designs

When it comes to the flooring in your kitchen, there’s no question that the surface, color and design are important considerations. However, don’t overlook factors such as easy care, durability and comfort.

When you begin your Kansas City kitchen remodeling project for your home, you will find there are more than a few flooring options to choose from.

Here are some flooring options and tips by local Kansas City interior designer and remodeler Karin Ross of Karin Ross Designs:


Thanks to improvements in products, as well as sealers, wood is now a viable flooring material for kitchens. This is good news for anyone with an open floor plan who wants to use the same material in the living area and the adjoining kitchen. Also, wood can add a sense of warmth and timelessness that suits virtually any style, from cozy cottage to traditional home to urban loft.


This material for kitchen flooring is often overlooked. However, cork is a natural material available in a wide array of patterns and colors. It’s warm, slightly cushioned and sustainable. You can seal this type of flooring to help prevent any water damage. The cleaning process is also simple, as it’s the same steps as you would use for traditional hardwood flooring.

Ceramic Tile

In this category, the choices are virtually endless. The majority of selections are both inexpensive and durable in interior design options. You can choose large pieces if you desire a seamless look and fewer grout lines. There is one downside you should be aware of, though. Ceramic is often uncomfortable and cold if you plan to stand for longer periods of time.


Known for how easy it is to clean, linoleum is available for purchase in tiles or sheets and found in a wide array of colors. There are many consumers who confuse linoleum with vinyl. However, vinyl is a synthetic material that has a pattern printed on the surface. Linoleum is an all-natural product and features color throughout the tile.


One of the more budget-friendly options for kitchen remodeling, you can purchase vinyl flooring for your kitchen for about $10 to $13 per square yard. Also, this is one material that continues to evolve as technology has created vinyl flooring that closely mimics the look of leather, tile, wood and stone. You can purchase vinyl as six or 12-foot-wide sheets, or as 12 to 18-inch tiles. This is an easy flooring option if you are planning to install the floor on your own. It’s also easy to clean and soft to stand on.

Natural Stone

Easy to clean and durable, stone provides a timeless appearance that’s suited to virtually any type of kitchen décor. You can use larger pieces to create a seamless look with minimal grout lines. While natural stone looks amazing, you will likely need a strong subfloor, as well as a pretty large budget to have it installed.
When you get to know the trends and options available for your kitchen flooring, you can make a decision based on your preferences, needs and budgets. In the long run, this will help ensure you get the flooring you want, without spending too much.

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