The sights, the sounds*, the smells** of Lancer Day 2018!

Lancer Day, friends, is a joyous occasion regardless of the year. But this fall’s installment of the Prairie Village rite of passage was especially poignant given the milestone at hand: 2018 marks the school’s 60th year. Folks, that’s a big one.

Anydoodle, here are but a few of the sights of this year’s parade as it made its way up Mission Road this afternoon:

* It was pretty loud. Mostly with, like, band noises. And teenagers yelling.
** I really couldn’t discern any particular distinctive scent along the parade route. Just a pretty standard ambient smell. Maybe a touch of exhaust odor when the trucks went by? Otherwise not much to report. It was pretty humid, too, which I think has a tendency to depress olfactory function.