Briefly noted: Prairie Village sets public hearing date on new home design guidelines

Prairie Village is working to address the wave of teardown-rebuild projects in the area.

Prairie Village neighborhood design guideline public hearing set for Sept. 11. Prairie Village announced it has set a public hearing date of Sept. 11 for the city’s planning commission to review a new set of home design guidelines intended to address concerns about the wave of teardown-rebuild projects in the city. “These proposed changes would add neighborhood design standards for R-1A and R-1B zoning districts, which would regulate building massing and frontage design,” reads a message about the hearing posted by the city on Nextdoor. “The proposed changes would also add impervious coverage limits and revise and re-format other existing standards related to accessory buildings, setback, and lot exceptions.” [Public Hearing Set for September 11 to Consider Neighborhood Design Guidelines — City of Prairie Village]