Shawnee Mission School District updates bullying reporting system for 2018-19 school year

As classes get under way for the 2018-19 school year, the Shawnee Mission School District has rolled out a new bullying reporting tool available on all school-issued devices.

The new system, called Sprigeo, provides students with a simple form to report the following:

  • Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation at school
  • Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation outside of school
  • Cyberbullying; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Fights, drugs, alcohol or weapons at school
  • Friends who talk about hurting themselves

The form is available in both Spanish and English. People can submit reports anonymously or they can identify themselves. When a student fills out a report, the system delivers it to an administrator who is supposed to follow up on the incident.

Parents, volunteers, teachers and administrators can also submit reports via Sprigeo through this link.

The district had a bullying reporting tool that was built in-house deployed to district-issued Apple devices starting back in 2015. That tool will continue to be available on district-issued devices. The new Sprigeo system, says the administration, will simply extend the opportunities available to file a report.

“The previous system was developed and managed internally; the new system was developed and managed by and external vendor, who has experience in this area,” said David Smith, the district’s chief communications officer. “Both systems are available to students on the desktop of their district electronic device, and allow for immediate, anonymous reporting of bullying incidents.”