Renee Kelly’s owners selling the ‘castle’ building on Johnson Drive in Shawnee

Renee Kelly's
The owners of Renee Kelly’s are selling the property, which operated as a restaurant until October 2017.

The owners of Renee Kelly’s in Shawnee are selling the famous “castle” building that housed a restaurant and event space in recent years.

Renee Kelly’s, at 12401 Johnson Drive, served as a restaurant and offered catering services until October 2017. After the restaurant closed, the owners transformed the business into an event space that was available to rent.

Patrick Dunn, the commercial real estate agent who is working on selling the property, said the owners, Roger and Nancy Neighbors, are continuing to rent out the space for $500 an hour while they work on selling the property through Parkway Real Estate LLC.

The Neighbors’ daughter, Renee Kelly, has been a chef and TV host with The Harvest on KCWE.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct an error regarding The Harvest show. It airs on KCWE, not KCTV.