Stag’s Creek creates ‘new gateway’ into Shawnee, replacing deteriorating commercial properties

Stag’s Creek is the latest addition to redevelopment in Shawnee. The office building next to Shawnee Mission Parkway was completed in May.

The developer of Stag’s Creek, one of the newest additions along Shawnee Mission Parkway, says he hopes the modern facility will serve as a kind of new gateway into Shawnee.

The three-story steel and concrete structure, which was completed in May on the eastern edge of Shawnee, includes a view along Shawnee Mission Parkway as well as underground parking, energy efficiency and lots of natural lighting because of its glass structures.

Kevin Tubbesing is the developer behind Stag’s Creek in Shawnee.

Kevin Tubbesing, owner and developer, said Stag’s Creek and the surrounding property are part of a $15 million redevelopment project, which folds in Shawnee’s work on Nieman Road and a channel shifting of Turkey Creek. The area, which now houses Stag’s Creek and Andy’s Frozen Custard, is situated next to the eastern border of Shawnee. For Tubbesing, the development symbolizes progress and a new direction for the city.

Prior to the construction of Stag’s Creek, Tubbesing said the area was blighted with four deteriorating, 50-year-old commercial properties and three residences. The rundown look sent the wrong message about Shawnee, he said, so he hopes to change the outsider’s perspective of the city.

“Until this project was done, when people entered the city of Shawnee, they entered a pawn shop, a crappy, old used-car dealership; these buildings were all in very bad disrepair,” he said. “We’ve created a new gateway to the city of Shawnee.”

Altogether, the redevelopment, under the direction of Tevis Architects, has been in the making for the past four or five years, he added.

“You will not find a project in the metro area where they had to remove both residential and commercial properties and then re-align a creek in order to perform the development,” Tubbesing said. “So it had a very high degree of complexity.”

Stag’s Creek was substantially completed in May, while interior elements are still being developed. Tubbesing said four businesses have signed leases to occupy the building, including Tevis Architects as well as Spira Care, a healthcare clinic.

Stag’s Creek still has about 15,000 square feet of available space for lease.