Roeland Park police will begin use of speed monitoring trailer in hopes of calming traffic

64th Street from Delmar to Granada is lined with reminders that you should mind your speed in the neighborhood.
Roeland Park is considering use of a mobile speed monitoring trailer, similar to the RU2 Fast-820 model shown above, as a traffic control measure. Photo credit RU2.

Motorists traveling through Roeland Park may notice a radar display trailer tracking their car’s speed in the near future. Councilmembers this week gave the Police Department the thumbs up to spend about $5,400 on a new speed sign trailer.

The new trailer speed sign is powered through a mix of battery and solar power and can be moved throughout the community. Data from the radar will be used to determine speed problem areas in the community, according to Chief of Police John Morris.

Councilmember Tim Janssen said he was definitely in support of the new radar and noted that he regularly receives phone calls and messages this time of year from residents concerned with speeders in school zones.

“I’d like to see this put into service as soon as possible,” Janssen said.
Councilmember Michael Poppa also spoke in support of the new sign saying he had heard from several neighbors about speeding in his area.

Currently the city uses a pole-mounted sign that is more than a decade old and has some maintenance issues. Since the sign must be attached to an established pole it limits the department’s ability to use the device. The department plans to trade in the pole-mounted sign during the purchase of the new radar.

Funding for the display will come out of the police department’s radar budget and its special law enforcement fund.

The item will be placed on the consent agenda at the next council meeting.