Metsker stands by recommendation of ES&S as vendor for voting system that botched Tuesday’s reporting, saying he has ‘no regrets’

Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker held up a statement issued by ES&S taking responsibility for the failure of the reporting software during Tuesday’s elections.

Two days after massive errors with a new software program delayed reporting of Johnson County’s primary results until the morning after the election, Johnson County Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker stood by his recommendation of vendor ES&S for a $10.5 million contract for new voting machines — and members of the board of county commissioners chided those who had been critical of Metsker’s performance in the wake of the problems.

At the Board of County Commissioners meeting in Olathe Thursday, Metsker gave an update on Tuesday’s election in which he highlighted the parts of the roll out of the new ExpressVote system that had gone smoothly, noting that the 1,100 new machines themselves had performed well. As for the serious problems with the software used to generate vote tallies, he said ES&S had taken “full ownership of the failure of their system.”