Are you an inactive protagonist in your own story? Or are you a VOTER?

Folks: It’s Primary Election Day.

And I know it’s rainy. And everyone’s busy getting ready for the start of school later this week. And you need to get groceries and fill up the car and run the books back to the library and everything else.

But here’s the deal: There’s a lot of big stuff on the ballot. So you need to go vote.

Do it. Do it now. It takes 10 minutes! That’s it! As hard as it must be to pull yourself away from this inspired copy, I’d even forgive you if you stopped reading right now to go vote!

But if you are still reading, consider the following: This plucky little experiment that is representative democracy only works when we, the underlings, actually participate in the selection of our overlords. And today is a fundamental part of that selection process.

Think way too much of your paycheck is going to Topeka and that your city is spending like a sailor on shore leave? Go vote for someone who agrees with you.

Think it’s about time teachers should be able to stop spending their own money on classroom supplies? Go vote for someone who agrees with you.

Think guns are fantastic? Horrible? Go vote for someone who agrees with you.

The polls are open until 7 p.m. You can find your polling place and what will be on your ballot through the Johnson County Election Office website. GO! VOTE! NOW!