Your Community: Hit the road with library couriers

You’re busy! We get it. You don’t have time to drive to De Soto for a book if you live in Leawood. You can’t easily get up to Corinth for that DVD if you live in Gardner. No worries! Our Library Couriers are on it.

Johnson County Library’s Courier drivers provide timely and reliable service. So much so that we may sometimes take for granted the measures needed to ensure that your holds are handled and bundles of bookmarks are delivered on time.

Our drivers accomplish a lot in a day:

  • 420+ miles driven
  • 34 Library stops
  • 20,000+ steps taken by each Courier
  • 1,000 tubs moved
  • 10 tons of books in those tubs!

They are behind the wheel before the crack of dawn each day picking up magazines and newspapers from the post office. They’re transporting whatever you just put a hold on to your favorite location. They’re ensuring that the Youth Services librarian gets her storytime kit. The Library Couriers have at some point carried, transported and delivered – with a smile – items related to every single area of our functioning. JCL simply could not provide the very popular services we do without their timely and strenuous efforts.

During the past year, the Courier team has designed and conducted strategic experiments to analyze fleet efficiency and refine their services where necessary and appropriate. They have each rotated driving all of the daily routes, which total hundreds of miles. They’ve also examined how to redesign the routes to include Monticello Library which opens Sunday, Aug. 5. The insights gleaned from their efforts will help keep our Library running smoothly.

Meanwhile the Couriers are on their appointed rounds, lifting tubs, carting books, hoisting mail bins and delivering the mail. Look for them in our colorful courier trucks, and give them a wave. They deserve your thanks!

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