Prairie Village police searching for vandal who spray painted traffic island statuary

Prairie Village officials are searching for the vandals who defaced two island statues. Submitted photo.

Prairie Village police say they’re looking for the person or persons who defaced traffic island statues last week.

Police say there were two statues marked with upside down crosses in spray paint.

“No witnesses that we know of and no arrests have been made,” said Capt. Byron Roberson.

The city’s island statuary maintenance contractor Paul Benson, who has been undertaking a project to clean many of the city’s island statues over the past year, examined the damage and determined most of the paint could be removed. Public Works staff then worked to clean the statues.

“A very light residue was left over, but Paul said the shadow will fade with exposure to direct daylight,” said Alley Porter, assistant to the city administrator.

Back in 2011, Prairie Village filed charges against six youth in connection with a string of graffiti incidents that cost more than $25,000 to taxpayers in clean up fees.