Friends of JCDS buys Shawnee property as part of affordable housing program for JoCo residents with disabilities

Friends of JCDS just bought its 13th home, this time in Shawnee. The home will be renovated as part of a program to provide affordable housing options for JCDS clients. Photo credit Friends of JCDS

Friends of Johnson County Developmental Supports had many things to celebrate at an open house earlier this month, including acquisition of its 13th home, based in Shawnee.

Johnson County Developmental Supports is the county agency that works to foster job placement and personal development opportunities for residents who have developmental or intellectual disabilities. Friends of JCDS is a separate non-profit organization that provides resources and assistance to advance JCDS’s mission.

Renovations to the Shawnee home owned by Friends of JCDS have begun. Photo credit Friends of JCDS

In addition to the purchase of the new home, Friends of JCDS also celebrated its progress on the Affordable Housing Program Project and its new partnership with FHL Bank of Topeka on an affordable housing program grant of $750,000 to renovate existing homes and expand access.

Friends of JCDS hosted the open house July 14 at 9032 W. 101st Terrace in Overland Park, during which visitors saw progress on the Affordable Housing Program Project. That project is funded by FHL Bank of Topeka, Community Development Block Grant Funds and private donors.

The open house showcased renovations to better meet the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Such renovations include continuous flooring, removal of barriers in bathrooms and home, extended outdoor spaces and kitchen upgrades.

Friends of JCDS recently purchased its 13th home in Shawnee, allowing the nonprofit to expand its efforts to offer affordable, wheelchair-accessible housing for people with physical needs as well as intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Shawnee home is being renovated to provide accessible housing to four more residents.

Friends of JCDS provides specific housing services not provided elsewhere in Johnson County. Friends helps providing housing to more than 120 individuals served by Johnson County Developmental Supports who need barrier-free, safe, affordable housing due to physical and financial limitations, as well as residential services to support their intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“Johnson County Developmental Supports is fortunate to have a companion charitable organization, Friends of JCDS, which has historically focused on providing quality housing for persons with IDD,” said Chad VonAhnen, executive director of Johnson County Developmental Supports. “Four individuals with IDD will have a new home this fall as a direct result of their passion and efforts to provide safe, affordable and barrier free housing for individuals with IDD.”