Your Community: Monticello Library

Monticello Library is the newest facility in the Johnson County Library family. Its striking silhouette and bold site placement have already made it a western Shawnee landmark. When visitors enter the building on opening day – Sunday, August 5 – they’ll find a colorful interior as dynamic and engaging as the exterior.

Light and Inviting
Visitors to Monticello Library will see a 30,467-square-foot building with lots of glass walls and timeless finishes. The two-story library features floor-to-ceiling glass along three of its four sides, a modern look designed to not only let in lots of natural light, but also to attract attention from those driving by on Shawnee Mission Parkway.

Matt Glawatz, an architect with The Clark Enersen Partners – the firm who designed the new library, said the glass-heavy look makes the building look vibrant and will show all the activities going on inside, encouraging more people to use it.

“Libraries are very much about information and making sure information is relevant and current and thinking about what’s next, looking to the future,” Glawatz said. “I think the way the building expresses itself aligns with that notion of looking to the future.”

Flexible and Colorful Design
The interior design takes advantage of the flood of natural light, creating an inviting and comfortable space for visitors. Together with advanced technology, the open floor plan incorporates flexible spaces, raised floors and other design strategies so it can adapt to future uses and public needs in the coming decades.

As well, the building’s interior surfaces and textures are inspired by natural forms and colors composed to subtly define different Library spaces. Brilliant ‘high test’ carpeting is installed on both levels, in complementary and contrasting color compositions. Some walls in the roomy Kids areas feature woven acoustical wallcoverings and interactive children’s elements. This makes them especially durable for the many Kids programs the Library will be offering.

Connecting to the Outdoors
While the glass walls enable patrons to connect visually to the exterior landscape, a patio area on the second-floor offers an invitation to step out and enjoy the outdoors – with a book, or while enjoying the Library’s free wireless access.

At the entrance level, a story walk for kids and public art installations by Kansas City area artists will be unveiled when the library opens in August.

We are eager to welcome you to the new Monticello Library when we open, so you can experience this aesthetic tour de force yourself!

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