Briefly noted: Briarwood students raise money for

Briarwood 2nd graders sold lemonade over the weekend to raise money for Photo credit Susan Cunningham.

Briarwood 2nd graders raise $600 for A group of Briarwood 2nd grader spent part of their Saturday last weekend holding a lemonade stand at Papa Keno’s in downtown Overland Park to raise money for The students had studied water access issues in the developing world as part of a class project last spring. “This was the students’ idea and a continuation of our study of the United Nations Sustainability Goal #6-access to safe water for everyone in the world,” said Briarwood teacher Susan Cunningham. “I am so proud of this group of students for their eagerness to help others and promote safe water for all!” The group raised more than $600 for the organization.’

Bollier and Rooker to hold town hall this weekend. Sen. Barbara Bollier and Rep. Melissa Rooker are having a Town Hall Meeting this Sunday, July 22, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. at Village Presbyterian Church.