Shawnee upgrades 20-year-old water fountains, adds dog bowls, water bottle fillers

Shawnee has replaced four aging water fountains with new units this summer. Photo credit city of Shawnee.

Park-goers and their canine counterparts have new water fountains and dog bowls in Shawnee’s parks this summer.

Swarner Park and Gum Springs Park each have new fountains with dog bowls and water bottle fillers. Herman Laird Park has a new fountain with a dog bowl.

Joe Overstreet, manager of parks and facilities, said the four drinking fountains, which were replaced in mid-June, cost approximately $1,300 each. The drinking fountains upgrades were a planned budgeted expense in the Land Improvement Maintenance account.

“The fountains being replaced have been in operation for as long as 20 years,” Overstreet said. “The new fountains allow staff to purchase replacement parts at local commercial plumbing vendors, as the old fountain parts could only be sourced online.”

Overstreet said the city formed a prioritized replacement schedule two years ago to phase out the old drinking fountains. The plan extends for the next five years, replacing three to four fountains a year.

Other small projects planned or in progress in Shawnee’s parks include landscape renovations at Veterans Park, rose garden renovations at West Flanders Park, playground rubber surfacing installation at Gamblin Park and baseball infield grading at Stump Park.