Overland Park Chamber issues ratings of local legislators 2018 voting records

The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce has released its annual ratings of local legislators voting records, analyzing how frequently statehouse officials sided with the chamber’s position on issues ranging from taxation to school finance to concealed carry laws.

The chamber’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee puts together an advocacy platform each legislative session, publicly supporting policies it deems beneficial to Overland Park’s business community. The annual rating measures how frequently legislators voted with the chamber’s position when bills came before either the full House or Senate for a vote.
The Overland Park Chamber is the only chamber in the state that publishes such ratings.

While the preface to the rankings notes that “No voting record tells the entire story of a legislator’s attitude and actions on issues of importance to business,” chamber leaders say the rankings are an important tool for voters.

““We hope the voting record spurs continued dialogue with elected officials and helps guide our members in their decision-making process at election time,” said Tom Robinett, the chamber’s Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy.

Shawnee Mission area legislator’s rankings are as follows:

  • Sen. Barbara Bollier: 66.7 percent
  • Sen. Jim Denning: 77.8 percent
  • Sen. Pat Pettey: 87.5 percent
  • Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook: 55.6 percent
  • Sen. John Skubal: 88.9 percent
  • Sen. Dinah Sykes: 85.7 percent
  • Rep. Stephanie Clayton: 70 percent
  • Rep. Tom Cox: 90 percent
  • Rep. Linda Gallagher: 100 percent
  • Rep. Cindy Holscher: 90 percent
  • Rep. Jan Kessinger: 100 pecent
  • Rep. Nancy Lusk: 66.7 percent

The full ratings list, showing how each legislator voted on the positions supported by the chamber, is embedded below:

[gview file=”http://shawneemissionpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/2018-Voting-Record-1.pdf”]