MainStream Coalition PAC releases primary endorsements for Shawnee Mission area races

The MainStream Coalition’s 2017 “Walk the Vote” event in Overland Park.

The Johnson County-based MainStream Coalition Political Action Committee has released its endorsements for statewide and local races in the upcoming August primaries.

The group’s 15 member endorsement committee considered candidate surveys, voting records and other factors in determining whether the candidates “aligned with the values of the MainStream Coalition, and how well their fundraising, organization, and messaging would contribute to their success.”

Founded by a group led by Village Presbyterian Church Pastor Robert Meneilly in 1993, MainStream works to support the principles of “respect for the rights, beliefs, and freedoms of all individuals; recognition that the political process is critical in securing and defending those rights; and the assertion that compromise around common values builds a just society.”

The endorsement committee was chaired by Shel Roufa and Ward Katz.

Endorsements for candidates on the ballot in the Shawnee Mission area are:

Kansas Third Congressional District
Tom Niermann (D)
Trevor Keegan (R)

Kansas Governor
Laura Kelly (D)
Jim Barnett (R)

Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Vicki Schmidt (R)

Prairie Village Mayor
Eric Mikkelson

House 14
Tom Stanton (R)

House 17
Tom Cox (R)

House 18
Cindy Neighbor (D)

House 22
Nancy Lusk (D)

House 30
Brandon Woodard (D)
Colleen Webster (R)

The group’s full endorsement list is embedded below:

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