Your Community: Finding a great book to read

In a rapidly changing world, the Library has come to mean different things to different people – local arts incubator, Maker workshop, or focal point for community engagement – yet for many people the library is still a place for books. Some people see the rows and rows of neatly shelved books at the local library and find them wonderfully enticing, but others find those stacks looming and intimidating, feeling utterly lost in what SHOULD be the simple act of finding a good book.

Find it Here
A book that could be perfect for one person might be absolutely of no interest to another. Or the book that seems to hit all the right points might turn out to be too slow, too twisty, or too unfocused when you actually sit down to read it. Luckily, the Johnson County Library has resources to connect you to that perfect book. Our library staff can help you find that ideal title in a vast array of genres, like a hard science fiction, a sweeping historical romance or a gritty political thriller.

In addition, we’ll ask you about your favorite appeal factors. Do you like novels that are fast-paced with lots of action? Alternatively, would you prefer novels that are slower, richer and take their time? Do you like books set in a specific place, like the back alleyways of a crime-ridden city where police track down a ruthless killer? Or, would you prefer wild, far-away worlds of adventure filled with vampires or elves? Maybe you want a title that would be perfect for a book group, full of meaty topics? Whatever the need, we understand no two readers are the same and reading suggestions should reflect that.

Making Connections
Not only does the Library have the expertise of our staff with the training to listen to your tastes and help you find what you want, but we also have an online catalog containing connections to great content, accessible with a click of a button. One of our databases, NoveList, can even give you author read-alike lists.

No matter how busy or pressed for time you are, the Library likely has something that fits what you need. Today’s Library is not only about books – Johnson County Library also has eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, books on CD, plus movies and TV shows on DVD.

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