New Peppermint Sea studio in downtown Mission to offer art workshops by well-known artists

Charity Marrone’s new Peppermint Sea studio offers art workshops in Mission. Photo credit Peppermint Sea Studio.

A new art studio in downtown Mission offers a chance for local artists and art enthusiasts to exercise their creativity.

That is Peppermint Sea Studio founder Charity Marrone’s main goal: to not only provide a space for art workshops, but to also bring the community together through self-expression.

Workshops started this week, and the studio’s grand opening is tomorrow, Saturday, June 16.

With her new studio — which is named for the soothing, healing element of peppermint that soothes and brings back playful childhood memories — Marrone has big plans to bring exposure to local and well-known artists and art teachers.

Marrone was ultimately inspired by “Braving the Wilderness,” a book by Brené Brown about “taking risks and following what you’re made to do while connecting with other people through creativity.”

“I have a heart for connecting people and encouraging them to not be perfect, to be vulnerable and take risks,” Marrone said. “I’ve always been an example of that, as a parent and from my childhood. I’ve not really been afraid of doing the things that I want to do — and it’s different than what people want you to do.”

The word “sea” in the studio’s name ties back to Marrone’s hope that guests will carry out the creativity they tap into when they visit.

“It’s very much a treat,” Marrone said. “You feel like you’re taken care of and feel like you’ve been a part of something.”

Workshops, which will cost anywhere from $40 to $100, include art supplies, light refreshments (sometimes wine) and gifts from the teachers. Schedules, workshop details and registration information is available here. Marrone also plans to regularly offer classes for children ages 8 to 12.

The studio’s first workshop, which covered hand lettering, took place Thursday evening, with Gale Nation, a well-known artist whose work appears in Hallmark’s collection. Marrone said the workshop sold out two days before.

Another workshop on the schedule is set for July with Carly Rae, a Kansas City artist who specializes in watercoloring. Rae is also well known for her involvement in the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair, which Marrone’s business sponsored this year.

Marrone will also teach some of the art workshops in her studio, including vision boards, collage, inspiration boxes and art journals.

Part of the studio includes space for Marrone to develop more of her own artwork, including collage, mixed media and journaling. She also plans to offer open studio, complete with tools, machinery and a shared workspace for local artists to work on their craft and meet other artists.

“I’ve always been what I’ve come to know as a truth teller; I like to just tell it like I see it — in a kind way. I do practice kindness,” Marrone said. “That’s part of who I am, is just encouraging other people to be open and honest and take care of each other.”

Peppermint Sea Studio also has a retail section where Marrone will sell mixed media art supplies, handmade papers, journals and stationery. A mural by local hand-lettering artist Chris Foxworth covers a back wall of the studio.

“It’s going to be very inspiring here, and positive,” Marrone said, glad that she’s connecting with other women business owners on Johnson Drive. Just to name a few, women-owned businesses include Lulu’s, Ampersand, Ad Astra Market, Energizing Mission, WholeBody Pilates and Twisted Sisters Coffee Shop. “That’s something I’m proud to be a part of.”

Local artists who want to teach a class can visit the Peppermint Sea Studio website or email Marrone at