‘Headaches’ continue for Woodside Village residents as corrective work drags on

Crews have wrapped part of the Woodside Village building as they work to correct waterproofing issues.

Work to correct shoddy installation of waterproofing components and other exterior building materials during the original construction of the Woodside Village development in Westwood has been under way for months now — and resident can expect it to continue for several more.

In an update provided to residents of the apartment units in the building, retail tenants, and city leaders, developer Blair Tanner said that five of seven phases of corrective action identified as necessary to make the buildings sound should be “complete by late summer/early fall, and the balance of the reconstruction by the end of the year.”

Developer Blair Tanner issued an update on the status of the corrective construction work under way at his Woodside Village project.

Crews have erected scaffolding around the exterior of the a portion of the residential units, and parts of the parking lot have been blocked off as construction workers move new materials in and out for installation. In his message, Tanner said that “scaffolding means PROGRESS. Work is moving swiftly yet carefully along each elevation of the property.”

Issues with the residential units presented themselves shortly after the first tenants moved into the building in 2016. Water seeped into apartments from windows during storms, and some tenants reported problems with leaky plumbing.

Last fall, property managers sent a message to tenants giving them the option of terminating their leases after the owners announced they would have to undertake extensive construction work to correct the issues. Those issues only heightened criticism of the project from a group of Westwood residents who had organized against it, saying the city should not have approved public finance incentives for the construction and that the apartment building was out of place in Westwood’s single family home neighborhoods.

In the update this month, Tanner noted that the company had moved management of Woodside Village on-site earlier this year in an effort to provide better service to residents of the apartment.

“This allows for complete oversight and execution of construction, and provides our tenants with a superior level of service,” Tanner wrote. “Our on-site team ensures that operations are running smoothly and our tenants are happy and comfortable in their living environment.”

He also put a positive spin on the construction work, saying it gave the company the chance to improve the quality of the apartment units overall and hinting that that the company would be announcing the “addition of a new business tenant and an exciting restaurant to our community” soon.

“While this project has had its share of headaches, there is an advantageous silver lining,” Tanner wrote. “This process has allowed us the opportunity to make acoustic upgrades to the windows that run along 47th Place and Rainbow, as well as other aesthetic improvements and acoustic upgrades throughout the building.”