Briefly noted: Yoder back from fact-finding trip to U.S.-Mexico border; Kansas says measles outbreak is no more

Rep. Kevin Yoder, right, spent two days on the U.S.-Mexico border as part of his role as the chair of Homeland Security Appropriations.

Yoder calls for 100 miles or more of new border wall in Rio Grande Valley area. Rep. Kevin Yoder spent two days on the U.S.-Mexico border on a fact-finding trip as part of his new role as the Homeland Security Appropriations Chair. In a statement summarizing his findings, Yoder said he believed the Rio Grande Valley region — a 300 mile stretch of the border — was being “heavily targeted by Mexican cartels for human and drug trafficking.” He called for the addition of at least 100 miles of new border wall as part of an effort to address the problems. “This dangerous situation has created an influx of crime and violence on both sides of the border, which poses a significant safety risk to the American people in places like Kansas and all across America,” he said.

Kansas agency says measles outbreak that started in Overland Park is over. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Wednesday said the measles outbreak that started in an Overland Park day care facility is now over. “Because of the unfortunate circumstance of this starting in a day care environment where many children were too young to be vaccinated, we and local health departments were challenged to track those infected and make sure the public took appropriate precautions,” said KDHE State Epidemiologist Dr. Farah Ahmed. “Most people followed instructions, and we were able to contain the outbreak without major health complications.”