Roeland Park Aldi will be demolished and rebuilt with modern store early next year

The current Aldi facility will be razed early next year to make was for a modernized store.

The Roeland Park Aldi, 4801 Roe Blvd, will be demolished in early 2019 and replaced with an upgraded larger store at the same site, the city council learned at Monday’s governing body workshop.

Assistant City Administrator Jennifer Jones-Lacy said Aldi expected the demolition and rebuild process to take six months, but the city was taking a cautious approach and planning for an eight-month closure. Jones-Lacy said Roeland Park was estimating a sales tax loss of about $80,000 from the store’s closure during the rebuild.

Aldi expects the modernized facility to produce an increased 15 percent in sales after the re-opening.

Councilman Michael Poppa asked if the $80,000 accounted for the anticipated 15 percent increase in sales tax proceeds for the city following the re-opening. Jones-Lacy said the city did take that into account. She also said the city expects to recoup some of the loss by Aldi shoppers taking their business to the nearby Price Chopper, which is just across Roe Blvd.

In February 2017 Aldi announced its $1.6 billion nationwide remodel plan to “remodel and expand more than 1,300 US stores by 2020.” New stores will focus on fresh foods, including more produce, dairy and bakery items.