Updates from Johnson County Community College: Summer youth programs

Beat the heat at Johnson County Community College! With summer officially underway, JCCC is offering a variety of youth programs aimed at engaging, educating and entertaining. If you’re looking to prevent the summer “I’m boreds,” check out the College’s hands-on offerings:

Summer Youth Enrichment Program: Designed to enhance your child’s knowledge and personal growth, this program features classes, labs and experiences customized for kids grades six through 12. Classes include art, design, science, engineering, language and more. View the course catalog and register online today.

Art Museum Youth Classes: On weekdays during the summer, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art offers a popular series of studio classes for children. Students explore and discuss selected works of art, developing their critical thinking skills and expanding their cultural awareness. They even create original works of art in the museum’s studio classroom! The Early Explorations program welcomes children ages 5 to 7, while Contemporary Creations classes provide more advanced lessons for children ages 8 to 11. Questions about the Museum Youth Classes? Give Karen Gerety Folk a shout at 913-469-8500, ext. 4771.

Sports Camps and Clinics: Do your kids want to hit a home run, step up to the free throw line or dribble down the field this summer? You’re in luck – the JCCC Athletic Department is committed to providing sports camps and clinics that sharpen skills, encourages sportsmanship and – most importantly – promote fun! The following camps are available:

Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Providing youth programing is just one of the many ways JCCC encourages lifelong learning. Whether in a classroom or on the basketball court, kids can cultivate new skills, make lasting memories and develop a hunger for education.

Interested in learning more about JCCC’s youth programs, including the Girls Who Code Club, Performing Arts Education and Driver Education? Visit http://www.jccc.edu/community-resources/index.html.