After neighbor’s call, Prairie Village police arrest young man for theft, spray painting ‘vulgar and racist’ message on garage

Prairie Village police are crediting a resident of the Corinth Hills area with helping them catch a man who appears to have stolen items from unlocked cars and spray-painted a “vulgar and racist” message on a garage door.

Police recovered two bags from the man, which the believe contained items stolen from cars in the Corinth Hills area.

Police say a woman noticed activity in her backyard in the early hours of Thursday morning and confronted a man who had walked onto her property. The man told her that he was looking for a friend’s house. She told him to move along, and then contacted the police.

Officers located a 23-year-old male in the 5300 block of 80th Terrace a short time later. He was carrying two bags, which included a can of spray paint and several items that police later confirmed had been stolen out of unlocked vehicles in the area.

Police found that someone had spray painted a “vulgar and racist” message on the garage door of a home fronting Nall Avenue. The can of spray paint in one of the man’s bags matched the color of the message on the garage door. (The message had been covered up as of daylight hours Thursday).

Alexander Robert Mayfield, 23, of Overland Park was arrested around 3 a.m. Thursday and booked into Johnson County Jail later that day on felony theft charges. He’s set to make an appearance in Johnson County District Court today at 1:30 p.m.