Roeland Park council chooses ‘Uniquely Rooted’ as city’s new tagline, completing rebranding concept

The Roeland Park city council has given approval to the final elements of the city’s new branding after signing off on “Uniquely Rooted” as the city’s tagline along with a condensed logo concept.

The new condensed logo with the “Uniquely Rooted” tagline.

The new branding concepts will start showing up on city signage and communications in the coming months.

“Uniquely Rooted” was selected over another favorite tagline option, “Perfectly Situated.” Councilmember Tim Janssen said he felt the “Perfectly Situated” option seemed too obvious. Councilmember Jennifer Hill agreed with Janssen and noted she liked how the “Uniquely Rooted” option referred back to the city’s heritage and history.

According to Vireo, the company hired to lead the rebranding effort, the “Uniquely Rooted” tagline is intended to convey the following characteristics about the city:

  • hip, quirky, organic minded
  • established, grounded & stable foundation
  • rooted in community
  • the city is changing, evolving, growing while the roots stay intact, strong, consistent, constant, supportive
  • the City is located in the middle of the metro with a small town community feel
    minutes from anywhere
  • located in close proximity to downtown Kansas City with access to great local amenities
  • a place for everybody – young, old, families, singles, race, gender, background

Councilmember Jim Kelly was the only councilor who spoke in favor of “Perfectly Situated” and said while he agreed it was an obvious phrase he thought it could act as a good to reminder for folks who may want to move to a city with a central location.

The council also chose a condensed logo design that incorporates “RP” nestled below the outline of a house and the phrase “est 1951.” One point of debate was whether or not to color both the R and the P in grey or to use green for the P.
Mayor Mike Kelly and councilmember Tom Madigan indicated they preferred the R and the P both in grey while the remaining councilmembers said they preferred the contrast of having a green P.

The condensed logo is a smaller version of the full updated logo adopted by the council in January and will be used on surfaces like street signs, vehicles and shirts.

According to Vireo the design is supposed to demonstrate “a fun, modern, and stylistic approach that evokes a sense of community and home.”

The city has been working with Vireo on updated branding since last summer.