After wave of home value appeals, Johnson County Appraiser’s Office reduces total valuation figure by 0.24%

County Appraiser Paul Welcome talked with attendees at a town hall meeting in Roeland Park after initial valuation notices went out earlier this year.

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office has completed its appeals review process for home valuation this year — and, perhaps not surprisingly given the sharp increases in value many area homeowners saw, the process marked a recent record for appeals volume.

The county says it processed a total of 6,691 appeals cases this year. That’s up from around 5,000 cases last year and about 3,000 in 2016.

Based on this year’s appeals, the Appraiser’s Office:

  • Adjusted the value of approximately half of the homes for which it received a valuation appeal.
  • Reduced the total residential valuation in the county — including both multi-family and single-family housing — by about $16.5 million
  • Reduced the total appraised residential value in the county by about .24 percent.

The county mailed notices giving the Appraiser’s Office’s decisions in valuation appeals cases to homeowners last week. It has also updated the information on the property data website to reflect adjusted valuations after appeals.

The wave of appeals cases this year came in response to steep valuation jumps in many parts of the county, with cities in the northeast like Roeland Park and Mission among those with double digit increases on average.

Though some taxing entities have floated mill levy reductions for next year’s budget after seeing the assessed value of property in their area shoot up, those reductions are generally a fraction of the total property value increase. That means even if a taxing entity like a city, fire district or the school district reduces its mill levy, many homeowners would still be facing an increase in the total amount of property taxes they pay.