Briarwood 2nd graders teaching classmates about the importance of water conservation

Briarwood 2nd graders helped teach their classmates about the importance of water conservation.

For the past several weeks, Susan Cunningham’s students at Briarwood Elementary have been learning about the importance of water — what we need it for, where we get it, and what happens if we run out.

Some of the facts they discovered shocked them. More people in the world have cell phones than toilets. In the developing world, some people spend six hours a day collecting and transporting water.

As part of their research into the United Nations’ sustainability goals, Cunningham’s students developed a brief presentation highlighting the water shortages faced by many in the developing world. Last week, they hit the halls to spread the word. Students from Cunningham’s class split up into pairs to give their presentation on global water issues to fellow Bulldogs.

The class’s presentation is embedded below:

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The class has also been communicating with other school kids across the county about water issues through a video messaging system.