Man arrested in Prairie Village after chasing 11 year old from Porter Park to Blue Moose

The man chased the girl from Porter Park to the Village Shops, where he was arrested after being restrained.

A man was arrested Monday after chasing an 11-year-old girl from Porter Park in Prairie Village to the Blue Moose, where he had to be restrained before police arrived and arrested him.

Nathan Zerba was arrested after the incident. Photo via Facebook.

The incident began Monday evening with the girl, who frequents the park on her bike, attempted to take a photograph of the man’s van. She had seen it in the park for a number of days, and had reported to her mother that the occupants made her uncomfortable. Her mother advised her to take a photo of the vehicle the next time she saw it so there would be a record for police if there was any suspicious activity.

Other parkgoers had noticed the van and the man parked near the portable toilet at the park for more than a week. He would exit the vehicle with a dog from time to time.

After a woman noticed the girl taking a photo of the van Monday evening, the woman alerted her male companion and he began to pursue the girl on foot. She began pedaling away on her bike down Tomahawk. The girl managed to get inside the Blue Moose restaurant at the Village Shops, about a half a mile away, before the man caught up to her.

Police confirm that restaurant staff were forced to try to restrain the man from trying to get to the girl after he entered the restaurant.

“They confronted the juvenile and later chased her to the Blue Moose where workers kept her and somewhat detained him until our arrival,” said Prairie Village police captain Byron Roberson.

The 24-year-old man, who is named Nathan Zerba, was arrested and placed in Prairie Village’s detention facilities, where he was released after posting bond. He is charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

Zerba’s Facebook profile says he attended Shawnee Mission East.