SM East administration says shotgun on campus posed no threat, student ‘accidentally left hunting gear’ in car

The school was never placed on lock down and the incident was “handled very quickly” by Prairie Village police, administrators said.

A student who inadvertently left hunting gear including a shotgun in the trunk of his car was sent home Friday after two of his classmates reported to administrators that the gun was on campus.

SM East principal John McKinney sent an email message to parents on Friday explaining the situation, and noting that police and administrators had quickly determined that the student did not intend to threaten or frighten anyone with the firearm.

After police were called to look into the matter, the student and the car with the gun in the trunk were taken home by one of his parents.

McKinney’s full message to SM East families is below:

Open communication is one of the cornerstones at East. Therefore, I want to tell you about an incident that occurred this morning. A student accidentally left his hunting gear, including a shot gun, in the trunk of his car. Two students reported it, and school administrators and the Prairie Village Police responded immediately. The student’s parent took the student and the car home.

I can assure you there was never a threat to any students. The weapon was never outside of the car or taken out of the bag. It was an extremely poor choice, or oversight, but there was no intent to harm or frighten anyone. The school was never on lockdown and the incident was handled very quickly by the Prairie Village Police Department..

I can assure you that stringent protocol was followed and all appropriate actions took place. While this is certainly a concerning situation, it is indicative of a system that is working to keep our students safe..

In the Shawnee Mission School District, the safety and security of our students is paramount to ensure a productive learning environment. In every instance, we will fully investigate any report from a student that raises concerns. Please encourage your child to talk to anyone about anything they see or hear that bothers them – whether that’s you, a teacher, the school nurse or me. We are listening..

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me..