Overland Park closes on purchase of downtown car wash, new Farmers Market parking coming

Overland Park purchased the car wash property for $600,000.

The city of Overland Park on Monday formally closed on the purchase of the Dyna-Jet Car Wash property at 7910 Marty, making way for the expansion of parking near the downtown Farmers Market.

The city announced in February it had entered an agreement to buy the car wash for $600,000. The property was appraised at $341,870 last year.

About two dozen new free parking spaces will be opening up in downtown Overland Park later this summer next to the Farmers Market.
With the property acquisition complete, Overland Park officials say anyone visiting downtown is free to park in the current car wash lot. Soon, though, demolition on the car wash buildings will begin, and the site will be closed off.

“When the site is closed off for demolition, please avoid the area,” the city posted on its social media channels. “The project will be complete later this summer, likely in August. It will bring approximately two dozen new, free parking spaces to Downtown Overland Park.”

Parking in the area has become a major issue as the Farmers Market has increased in popularity and as developers have broken ground on several new housing projects downtown. Among the reasons the city’s consultant hired to explore options for the future of the Farmers Market recommended a move to Santa Fe Commons was that the park site would encourage more biking and walking to the market, which would help alleviate traffic congestion in the heart of downtown.