Get your dream lawn with caring professionals from KC Lawn Services

KC Lawn Services was the dream of a teacher and local businessman that has turned into a reality.

Joe Geist, who teaches English in the Blue Valley School District, had been working at a golf course during his summers. His longtime friend, David Bangert, had wanted to start his own business for several years. That was 2014, and now four years later KC Lawn Services has grown to include two full time employees with the capabilities to provide full mowing services, mulch installation, leaf removal, curbside leaf removal, lawn maintenance such as pruning and trimming, gutter cleaning, and turf management.

KC Lawn Services has grown from dream to reality because Joe and David have a passion for what they do. Joe builds relationships with each customer the way he does with his students in his classroom, which is through respect and honesty. On the surface, that might sound simple, but it is what separates KC Lawn Services from other companies. They often leave hand written notes about the lawn or things they’ve noticed around the yard. Joe personally calls back all customers and sends quarterly updates, not only on what is happening within the company, but also with what is happening within the families of the employees of the company. This is why their customers describe the company as “professional yet personable.”

As the company grew, Joe and David began looking to hire their first full time employee and as fate would have it Joe’s longtime friend Rob Felzke was looking for a job at the right time. Rob is a great addition to the team as he is one of the most loyal and caring people anyone will ever meet. His caring personality is a great fit for the foreman role that he plays within the company as he cares for each lawn as though it is his own. As the 2018 season began, the company was again looking to hire, and again were fortunate enough to find a hard-working and caring person in Curtis Taylor. Curtis is a family man who loves to work outdoors, so the position within a family oriented business is a perfect fit.

Check out KC Lawn Services here. And feel free to give Joe a call at 913-703-4040 about lawn services today and he’d be happy to talk with you about how KC Lawn Services can help!