Tensions mount over Shawnee Mission administration’s moves to censor, limit access to National School Walkout demonstrations

SM North students gathered along Johnson Drive Friday afternoon in a sign of protest against administrators’ efforts to control what was said during a morning demonstration as part of the National School Walkout.

Frustrations over adminstrators’ efforts to control the content of their National School Walkout demonstration sent a group of Shawnee Mission North students outside for an unauthorized protest Friday afternoon — and they weren’t the only ones upset by the district’s handling of the events.

Parents and students at Hocker Grove Middle School say students were shocked when an administrator called for an abrupt end to the students’ gathering in the courtyard area after speakers mentioned gun control.

Student organizers at SM East said they were forced to remove a portion of the program that had statistics about gun deaths in the United States and that they were only allowed to talk about “school safety,” and prohibited from referencing firearms.