For creative summer fun, unique and modern art camps at Wee Create Studio

Wee Create Studio, a neighborhood art space designed for kids and their families is offering a full schedule of wonderful Art Camps this summer.

Amy Major, MA, owner/operator of Wee Studio explains: “These are theme-planned art experiences, with descriptive titles such as ‘Sweet Treats’, ‘Doll House’, and ‘Artful Animals’. Each week the camp teacher provides a defined theme and various planned projects which thoughtfully guide the campers, showing them examples and techniques. The “Wee” artists then explore these activities using their own choices of art mediums, tools and their own creative minds!”

The camps run Monday through Friday, from 9:00-12:00 beginning June 4, 2018. There are camps available for children ages 4-10, and include something for everyone. (Look for listings at

Wee Create art classes and experiences use a contemporary and effective approach to art education, exploration and learning. This “process-based” method allows kids to develop artistically, and at their own pace. Wee Create projects are designed to encourage creative freedom and expression, while developing age appropriate abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and social interactions. The children are gently guided through the use of different art materials without the emphasis on a final product.

It is the process of learning and art development that matters most to Amy Major. She says, “At this young age, children benefit from discovery of new art and creative experiences best when given ownership of their exploration. We do that, have fun and get messy!”

Ms. Major is the mother of two young children, 6 and 3, and is active in their school communities. She has been a stay at home mother for the past six years, and has participated in many “mommy and me” classes provided throughout the Kansas City community.

However, as a former elementary art educator, Major says she saw a need in our community for children’s art classes and experiences that emphasize artistic exploration. An artist herself, she began envisioning a space where small children and their families could come to create, have fun, explore and not worry about making a mess! This inspiration resulted in the creation of Wee Create Studio which deals in the process of art exploration, not producing final art products.

Major’s studio space, located in the Roe Hills neighborhood, is bright, colorful and welcoming. Having this special art space for kids relieves stress from parents about having paint splattered all over the walls of the home, or markers on the furniture, and allows children the free-will to experiment in many ways!

The Wee Create Studio was designed with the idea in mind that beautiful spaces stimulate beautiful ideas. The studio is organized, clean, and safe. While in the studio, children are encouraged to explore a multitude of artistic mediums, including, but not limited to paint, clay, drawing utensils, and papers. Students explore many art elements and principles such as line, color, shape, texture and pattern.

Throughout the year, Wee Create offers classes, workshops, birthday parties and more. The Studio’s social media outlets (instagram and facebook) provide up-to-date details on offerings and classes as well as pictures of the amazing things that take place at Wee Create Studio on a daily basis.

Please contact Amy Mayor at or 913-721-7477, or check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts.