Your Career: Is your management style pushing employees away?

When employees aren’t performing at their best, it’s easy to blame them. But have you ever considered it could be due to your management style? For instance, if you’re a micromanager or more controlling, you could be pushing your people away, even if you have the best of intentions for them. Or perhaps, on the other end of the spectrum, you don’t offer enough direction and they’re floundering as a result. Whatever the case, it’s up to you to correct course so you can keep your team on track.

So what are some qualities you should be adopting as you manage your team?

A few key traits common among the best managers include:

  • Listening. Great managers listen to their people and work hard to address their questions and concerns.
  • Recognizing and rewarding. They also call out employees for a job well done and make them feel valued and special through rewards and recognition.
  • Communicating. They put communication first and are open and honest, even when it comes to negative feedback. They’re also clear about goals, expectations and the vision they have for their team.
  • Trusting. They give their people the autonomy to make decisions and problem solve on their own. They know they hired great people and trust them to get the job done, right.

If these don’t seem familiar to you, then it might to be tough to change your ways. However, by analyzing your own management style first and then creating an action plan for improvement, you’ll go a long way in boosting employee morale and retention. Here are just a few questions to ask yourself to get started:

Do you communicate clearly and effectively with your team? Do your people understand what you expect from them and when?
If your team doesn’t know what their priorities should be and what you’re trying to achieve, there’s no way they can help you accomplish your goals. That’s why, as a manager, clear communication should take center stage.

Do you fail to delegate because you think you’re the only one who can do the job? Are you feeling stretched thin and stressed out because you have too much on your plate?
It’s easy to think you’re the only one who can handle certain responsibilities. But something has to give and eventually, it’s going to be your patience, your energy or your health. So even if your team doesn’t know how to do some of the work you perform, train them. You’ll then be able to delegate with confidence and get more time in your day.

Do you work with employees on an individual basis to set goals with them? Are they both realistic and attainable?
Employees want to know you’re vested in their career and success. But if you don’t show any interest in goal-setting with them, or you set goals that are impossible to achieve, discouragement and disengagement simply set in.

Do you regularly recognize employee achievements? Do you give constructive feedback, as well?
Your team should always know where they stand with you: the good, the bad and the ugly. So make it a habit to give regular feedback, both positive and constructive. It doesn’t have to be with a formal meeting; you can simply have a casual conversation with your employees each week.

When you work on improving your management style, not only will you see an increase in employee morale and productivity, but also in your own career success, as well. You probably won’t see results immediately and the changes you make could be hard for you and your staff. But it will be worth the wait as you hone your management style and build a stronger team.

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