Your Career: 6 Rules for job searching when you’re currently employed

You know the best time to find a new job is when you’re currently employed. But how can you do that when you’re on the job 40 or 50 hours each week? Also, how do you keep your search secret from your boss and co-workers? Before you start looking for job leads and sending out resumes, read these rules first:

Rule #1: Keep your job search out of the office.
Don’t use company resources, like your computer, the Internet, or the copy machine in your job search. Also, don’t schedule a phone interview while you’re on the clock in your current role. Not only is this unethical, but should your manager find out, they’re going to lose trust in you, which can impact your relationship. If you have to perform a job search-related activity, do it during lunch or a break and use your own personal phone.

Rule #2: Try to schedule interviews around work.
Your boss is likely to catch on to your search if you’re continuously taking time off during the day to interview with other companies. So if possible, try to schedule interviews around your work hours. If that doesn’t work, aim to keep them first thing in the morning or toward the end of your day.

Rule #3: Keep your focus on your current job.
When you’re in the middle of a job search, it’s easy to lose focus at work and let your performance slip. But this can be another clear indication to your boss that you’re searching. Likewise, it can impact your ability to get a referral from them in the future.

Rule #4: Aim to keep your search private.
If you’re connected to your boss on LinkedIn and they start getting notices that you’re making major profile changes, then they’ll get the idea soon enough. So be sure to change your settings so your network isn’t notified of changes. Also, don’t talk about your job search on social media, even if it’s just your personal Facebook page. Things have a way of spreading online and you never know what could get back to your boss.

Rule #5: Be mindful of appearances.
If you work in a casual environment and suddenly show up wearing a suit, it’s going to tip off your boss to your job search. Instead, if you have a job interview scheduled in the morning, bring a change of clothes to put on after it. If it’s during or at the end of the day, leave your suit in the car and change into it before your interview.

Rule #6: Work with a staffing firm.
Working with a staffing firm to find your next opportunity can offer a variety of benefits. Not only are recruiter’s old pros at keeping searches confidential, but you can also gain access to jobs that aren’t advertised. On top of that, you can get help polishing your resume and interview skills, as well as valuable career advice.

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