Roeland Park council advances logo that would appear on city street signs, vehicles

By Holly Cook

After reviewing three options Roeland Park councilors tentatively signaled their approval Monday for a condensed logo concept for the city’s updated branding.

[breakout_right] Testing the Breakout

This is a breakout test right here.
[/breakout_wrap]The selected condensed logo features a collection of trees, the silhouette of a home, “RP” and the phrase “est 1951.” The logo will be used on surfaces like street signs, vehicles and shirts.

The design serves as an abbreviated version of the full logo approved by the previous city council in late 2017. The branding was designed to evoke a sense of community, home and neighborhood, said Vireo designer Lindsay French.

Councilmember Tom Madigan said he thought the “RP” would have greater readability than the spelled out “Roeland Park” offered in the two other condensed logo options.

Councilmember Becky Fast said she had concerns the design was not condensed enough for small surfaces like a street signs.

“It’s still a lot,” Fast said.

Fast also voiced concerns with the bright green color used in the design.

French reminded Fast that the color was within the palette approved during the logo concept process.

The majority of councilors signaled their approval for the design but asked that a few additional versions be presented at the next workshop.

Mayor Mike Kelly said he would like to see the “R” and the “P” to be in matching fonts and councilmember

Michael Poppa requested seeing a version of the design in black and white.

Councilors will revisit final versions of the condensed logo and also review tagline options during their next workshop. The city is paying Vireo $3,250 for the condensed logo and tagline efforts.

Here is a rendering showing the condensed logo and how it would appear on street banners: