Mission residents renew calls to reject Martway apartment building despite developer’s tweaks

Some neighbors say the revisions to the plan don’t go far enough to keep it in sync with the surrounding area.

The Mission city council on Wednesday got a preview of an updated plan for a new apartment building on Martway, with a group of neighborhood homeowners again coming forward to say the project isn’t appropriate for the site.

Since the proposal was introduced last summer, the idea of building a multi-story apartment complex on the site of three aging single-story office buildings has drawn pushback from people who live in the vicinity of the Martway site.

Despite the fact that it had gained the support of the planning commission, Mission’s city council did not approve developer Christian Arnold’s scaled-back version of the project earlier this year. Last month, Arnold submitted a tweaked version of the plan to the planning commission, which he hoped would assuage the concerns of the opponents. The new version reduced the overall height of the building, and scaled back the massing so that it included 90 apartments over ground-level retail instead of the previous 117 apartments.

Those changes, however, appear not to have been significant enough to gain the support of the homeowners.

At Wednesday’s Community Development Committee meeting, the neighbors again spoke against the project. Brad Gregory, who lives nearby on 61st Street, renewed his contention that the project would disturb area homeowners and that the deviations requested were too significant for the city to grant.

“Does this affect the citizens?” he said.

The latest plan will come before the city council for approval at its April 18 meeting.