A preview of the new look and feel of the Shawnee Mission Post

Cherish your time with the current site design, because its time has come.

Friends: Change can be hard. So in hopes that people don’t freak out when they log on tomorrow, we wanted to give everybody a heads up that you’ll see a new look to the site in the morning.

After about five years with the same basic design, the site had started to feel pretty dark and heavy — not to mention cluttered — and we were having increasing issues with load times and browser compatibility.

So it was back to the drawing board!

After a couple of months of tweaking, we’re planning on pushing the redesign public tomorrow. Before we unveil the new look, we thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see the different iterations of the site since its conception back in 2010.

Here, for example, is the first test version of the site that went public in May 2010. Cool logo!:

A month later, however, it had evolved to the look that we used for our first two-plus years of publishing:

In 2013, we got a little more professional, updating the logo and freshening up the look and feel of the homepage:

Several months after that we evolved the design to increase the size of the main photos, a look that’s probably pretty familiar to most of you:

In 2016, we changed the name of the site to the Shawnee Mission Post and made a few design tweaks to the ad slots and font package:

And tomorrow…we’ll push the following redesign live:

A few notes:

  • Our goal here was to increase readability and scanability across devices.
  • We’re switching to a wider font for headlines and a larger, serifed font for body copy.
  • You’ll also notice clearer sub-headlines and breakout boxes summarizing the main information in many stories.
  • We’ve added a ticker at the top of the page that will run through the latest headlines, making it easier for people who come to story pages to see what’s new.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the site. We’ll see you with a new look tomorrow morning!