Edison developers update plans in hopes of better matching downtown aesthetics

The shops along 80th Street that had been slated for demolition would be preserved and renovated under the updated plans for The Edison.

The developer of the proposed The Edison project in downtown Overland Park told the city council’s Finance, Administration and Economic Development committee last week that it was updating its plans for the site in hopes of having the project better match the aesthetics of the surrounding shops.

Polsinelli attorney Curt Petersen, who represents the development project led by Freightquote founder Tim Barton, told the committee that architecture of the proposed mixed-use building would be changed from the original, more modern design to one that more closely mimicked the look and feel of the surrounding shopping area.

Additionally, the updated plans call for the preservation of a set of shops along 80th Street that had initially been slated for demolition. Those shops would get a facade renovation under the updated plans.

Finally, the new plans would add more public parking to the structure behind the mixed-use building, and in a surface lot.

Petersen said he anticipated the revised plans would go for land-use approval before the city council in early July.

The developer is also looking to finalize a set of public finance incentives for the project that Petersen could go before the council around the same time as the updated land-use approval request.

Meanwhile, a group of homeowners who live in the vicinity of downtown have taken a new step to organize against the project, launching an online petition in an effort to get the city council to consider changing the form-based code that allows a project the scope of The Edison in the neighborhood.