With logo in hand, Roeland Park moves forward with creation of tagline for city

By Holly Cook

Roeland Park councilmembers Monday approved paying Vireo $3,250 to create a condensed logo and tagline to accompany the city’s recently established branding.

The outgoing council approved the new branding created by Vireo in December 2017 after months of design iterations and debate.

The logo approved by the city council in late 2017.

The lengthy consideration process prevented Vireo and the council from spending time on a tag line and the condensed logo was not included within the original scope of Vireo’s contract, according to a staff report. The condensed logo will be used on surfaces like street signs, vehicles and shirts.

To date Roeland Park has paid Vireo $8,820 for their branding efforts.

Mayor Mike Kelly asked if the city was obligated to complete the additional work with Vireo. City administrator Keith Moody said the city could switch firms if they wanted to.

Councilmember Jen Hill said some Roeland Park community members had expressed interest in helping the city with branding. Hill also said she heard concerns from constituents on the amount of money being spent on the branding process.

Councilmember Michael Poppa said he would be more comfortable staying with Vireo since the company was most familiar with the new logo concept.

The majority of councilmembers signaled they agreed the city should finish up the brand work with Vireo.

City administrator Keith Moody said he would engage Vireo to begin the work.