Prairie Village homeowners most likely to be hit with 20%-plus increases in 2018 appraisals

Mission and Roeland Park homeowners might have seen the greatest increase in average property value in this year’s county appraisals. But Prairie Village residents are the ones most likely to be staring at valuation jumps of 20 percent or more.

Despite its relatively small size, Prairie Village had the most homes with 20 percent-plus jumps of any Johnson County city at 1,794 properties. That total accounts for 24 percent of all the reappraisal cases in Prairie Village. (That is, appraisals of properties where there wasn’t a sale in 2017 and that aren’t new construction). If you add properties that saw increases of 10 to 20 percent to that count, fully 61 percent of Prairie Village reappraisal cases resulted in double-digit jumps.

While not as many Mission homes fell into the 20 percent-and-up class, nearly 89 percent of all reappraisal cases in that city resulted in valuation jumps of 10 percent or more this year.

But Roeland Park holds the distinction of having the biggest proportion of reappraisals at 10 percent or more: 94 percent of all reappraisals there this year saw double digit jumps.

(Reminder: We’re co-hosting two forums with the NEJC Chamber where local homeowners can ask County Appraiser Paul Welcome questions about the valuation process. The forums will be March 7 and 12.).

Below is a chart summarizing how many properties saw different ranges of valuation increases. Click to enlarge: