NEJC Chamber, Shawnee Mission Post to host town halls with Johnson County appraiser

The county appraiser will mail 2018 notices of valuation to Johnson County homeowners next week.

The Johnson County Appraiser’s office will be mailing out 2018 notices of value on Monday — and it sounds like most area homeowners can expect to see a fairly substantial increase. That’s probably good news if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market. But if you plan on staying put, it just means a hike in your property taxes.

To help address questions that area residents might have about the appraisal process, their options for appeal, and how appraised values are related to property taxes, the Shawnee Mission Post and the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting two forums where residents speak with County Appraiser Paul Welcome.

Here’s the info:

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office will begin sending out 2018 home values beginning Feb. 26. Although complete data for 2018 revaluations is not yet released, the County Appraiser’s Office notes a marked decrease in the current housing supply. According to Welcome, “Most Johnson County residents will see an increase in appraised values of their homes this year. Primary reason is the real estate market is extremely strong with high demand”.

Considering the potential tax implications for many NEJC residents, the NEJC Chamber and Shawnee Mission Post have partnered with Johnson County Appraiser Paul Welcome to hold public information sessions. NEJC residents will have the opportunity to hear directly from Welcome on March 7 or March 12. The format and information presented at both town halls will be the same. The primary focus will be to inform NEJC residents how the strong housing market has resulted in the increase again this year and it will affect most areas in the county ranging from a 2 to 18 percent increase on average.

“This has the potential to impact a majority of residents within our ten cities. We feel it is our responsibility, with the help of Shawnee Mission Post and County Appraiser’s Office, to make accurate and timely information readily available,” stated Deb Settle, President and CEO, NEJC Chamber.

The public town halls presented by NEJC Chamber and Shawnee Mission Post are scheduled for:

• Wednesday, March 7, 5:30 pm at Prairie Village Community Center, 7720 Mission Rd.
• Monday, March 12, 8:00 am at Roeland Park Community Center, 4850 Rosewood Dr.

Welcome explained some of the factors playing into the current real estate market, noting that valuations in the northeast were rising the fastest, on Twitter this week: