Kansas gubernatorial candidates on K-12 school funding: Independent Todd Mitchell

We’re continuing with the Kansas gubernatorial candidates’ responses to our invitation to share their thoughts on how to handle the Supreme Court’s ruling directing the legislature to invest more money in K-12 schools.

Here’s what Independent Todd Mitchell had to say:

Funding for our children’s education is paramount, as they are the future. It should not take the courts to get the State to fund our children’s education properly and it is disappointing that it did. With a strong education, our children will be productive adults and be able to lead very successful lives.

The $600 million over the next five years that Governor Brownback recommended is a good start but it is only a start. We will need to look at getting more money appropriated to complete the changes that will make the Kansas education system the best.

One thing that I would do is get with the Kansas School Superintendents to get feedback on how that money will assist in getting Kansas back to a top-notch education system. We will then discuss what else they will need to improve our education system. The Superintendents are on the ground and know better what it will take for the school districts to be successful and competitive.

We will meet the starting, average, and top pay of our border states so that we can hire and keep the best teachers. This will keep our teaching positions filled and keep our teachers in Kansas.

Building the strongest education system will not only be good for our children but it will build the economy by bringing businesses here because of our strong education system. Businesses will want to come here because the student’s education will be a benefit to the company.

Having served 34 years in the Army, I have the leadership to get our schools properly funded. It will take work but united we all win!