Cameron Peck is SM North’s 2018 Northman

Ike Diggs (from left), Cameron Peck and Luke Goff with their Northman plaques. Photo via SM North on Twitter.

At halftime of the Indians’ basketball game Friday, SM North named senior Cameron Peck the 2018 Northman.

SM North has been giving an annual award to a senior male since 1978, when it was known as the “Big Man on Campus.” In the intervening 30 years, though, the honor has grown in prestige and significance. Today, the award is given to a senior who is recognized for having a positive impact on his classmates and the school community at large.

Peck has played a prominent role in a number of SM North community initiatives, including raising funds through the school’s annual Spring Charity Picnic to support the city of Mission’s Holiday Adoption Program.

This year’s first runner up was Luke Goff. Second runner up was Ike Diggs.